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Figure Drawing

with Zin Lim

Shift Drawing Style to Loose, Dynamic, Fun & Emotional Figure.

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Zin Lim


International awards winner and a college teacher, Zin Lim has been developing his expressive way of art-creation and art-teaching for unique expressive drawing and painting.

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What you'll learn

  • How to loosen tight drawing to be expressive one.

  • How to have fun play with the primitive charcoal medium.

  • How to design figure drawing work composition. 

  • How to make a tight area super tighter.

  • How to input your voice for a unique figure drawing.

  • How to happy end of a drawing.


This course is designed for beginners. Just a bit of experience in figure drawing or painting in any medium is required.


This workshop will introduce 2 different ways of figure drawing approaches (tight/loose) and combine them in a composition. You will study techniques for expressive figures and exercises efficient use of visual elements to broaden your drawing approaches. Each class is consist of lectures, presentations, demonstrations, exercises, homework, and critique.

Who this course is for:

  • Artist looking for something loose and dynamic approach in the drawing.

  • The artist wants to improve painting skills through fundamental visual elements and techniques from the fluid charcoal technique.

  • The beginning artist wants to improve 2 approaches, tight & loose at the same time.

  • The artist has been working in a loose style of drawing and wants to complete a compatible body of portfolio.

  • Anyone wanting to draw the figure.

  • Fine artists looking to improve their skills.

  • Aspiring digital artists looking for a career in the arts.

Completion of this Course,

You will be able to-

  • Organize your work progress by stages.

  • Clearly express what you think and feel through your drawing.

  • Create an illusion for a live-like figure.

  • Know how to self-critique your work, find solutions and improve your work quality.

Course Contents

  • Module 1: Intro to Charcoal Drawing Medium.

  • Module 2: Basic Application Techniques.

  • Module 3: Basic Proportion for Figure Drawing. 

  • Module 4: Gesture Drawing.

  • Module 5: Shadow Shapes.

  • Module 6: Edge Control.

  • Module 7: Value Concepts.

  • Module 8: Refiun3-D Volume and Plane Detail.

  • Module 9: Head Drawing 1: Proportion.

  • Module 10: Head Drawing 2: Expressive Drawing.

  • Module 11: Hierarchy.

  • Module 12: Aerial Perspective.

  • 6 Critiques on Homeworks.

  • Practice Reel 1: Short Poses.

  • Practice Reel 2: Long Poses.

  • 3 Figure Drawing Club Events Tickets.



Join the upcoming class module.

Each class includes:

  • Online Lecture/Demos for 2 Main Themes.

  • Recorded Class Video. (3 months access)

  • Mark-up Critique on Assignment.




This course includes:

  • 12 modules of main principles.

  • 12 class videos. (6 months access)

  • Free ticket for drawing event.

  • Certificate of completion.

Each class includes:

  • Online Lecture/Demos for 2 Main Themes.

  • Recorded Class Video. (3 months access)

  • Mark-up Critique on Assignment.

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Zin Lim will teach various classes and workshops in multiple cities in the world as well as online.

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