Expressive Figure Drawing

Written by Zin Lim

For artists who like to learn how to observe, how to draw and how to create  an art form of figure drawing.

Course Description

학기 길이에 맞춰 재단된 선형적 진도 방식, 소재별 구분때문에 중복된 테크닉, 규칙을 배우느라 낭비된 시간을 벗어난, 입체적 커리큘럼 This course is for individuals who desire a sophisticated understanding of the human figure and wish to embrace the challenges for unique composition in the art form of figure drawing. Analyze the visual elements of figure drawing, learn classical techniques to render the human form and learn various forms of abstraction, all in an effort to develop individuality in your work. Using the most primitive medium, charcoal, you will explore the elements of a successful drawing at your own pace in a supportive tutorials, handouts and the best demonstrations. This course is suitable for individuals of intermediate and advanced levels of experience in figure drawing.

FAQ: Am I intermediate and okay to take?

"If you have studied proportion and gesture of human body, and have been completed figure drawing in charcoal medium, you are at least intermediate for this class.
The challenge will not be from short experience of realistic figure drawing but will be resetting your mindset toward different way of observation and spontaneous application with fluidity. If you have no fear for breaking 'accuracy' and want to understand how to activate visual energy, join to dive and swim on paper with me."


Course Objectives/Learning Objectives

At the end of this course students will learn techniques for proportioning the figure, learn structural concepts about the figure such as cylinder and block construction, learn to depict foreshortening, learn to capture gesture and movement and learn to work with a variety of materials such as pencil, charcoal, marker, conte’ crayon and a variety of papers.


Drawing Pad about 18x24 in white paper drawing pad, 70 or 80lb
Willow charcoal sticks

General Charcoal Pencils (2H, HB and 2B)
Sketch book or small newsprint pad for gesture drawing 

Blade knife and Sandpaper 
Kneaded eraser

Students' Works