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👩‍🎨Charcoal Drawing Demo: Impressionism Portrait.

VIDEO QUALITY & SPEED: Video quality: Full HD (1920x1080) Video speed: Real time. MATERIAL: - Willow charcoal stick. - Knead eraser. - Stumping tool. - Finger. - HB Charcoal pencil. - Strathmore Drawing Medium 400. CREDIT: - Patrons: Dawne Tapp, Rafael Ramos (through & many of members at Patreon and YouTube. - Drawing art by Zin Lim - Editing by Zin Studio [Workshops] Zin Lim's expressive art workshop is traveling world cities for people who are interested in learning expressive art and asked us to come for a workshop in their near cities. If you are interested in joining my workshop or to track where our workshops go, see our schedule at [Channel Membership] Become a Channel Member and get perk benefits as my return. [Artwork Sale] Interested in purchasing original works shown on this channel? Visit gallery at

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