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👩‍🎨 [Member only] Oil Painting Demo: Ochre Grey Portrait.

[MATERIAL] - Oil paint: Yellow Ochre, Titanium White & Ivory Black. - Medium: Linseed Oil - Brushes: Various size of synthetic flat. - Support: Gesso coated cotton canvas. * Full list of Zin Lim's oil painting material is at [VIDEO INFOS] - Resolution: 4k - Speed: 1X. - Duration: 2:02:10 [CREDIT] - Music by Zin Lim. - Artwork by Zin Lim. - Editing by Zin Studio. [MEMBERSHIP] Become a Channel Member and watch member-only videos. There are 3 different sites and same benefits. - YouTube (Channel Member): - Patreon (Tier 5): - Zin Studio site (More video watcher): [WORKSHOP Lecture Notes] Learn lecture notes Zin Lim use at his workshops! Expressive Portrait Workshop's all lectures, references and demos are included. Know more at [WORKSHOP] Zin is traveling world cities to introduce expressive way of drawing and painting. If you are interested in joining Zin Studio workshop or to track where our workshops go, see our upcoming workshop schedule at

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