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Transform Your Artistic Vision with Our Online Portfolio Review: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Work and Discover Visual Improvement Like Never Before!


Time & Location


Location is TBD


About The Event


Free Portfolio Submission (at Critique page)

Submit up to six pieces of your portfolio at no cost on our Critique Page. We carefully review each submission and accept those we believe we can significantly enhance. Your artistic development is our priority.

Acceptance Notification

Within three business days of your submission, you'll receive an email from us. This email will not only confirm the acceptance of your portfolio but also provide all necessary payment details.

Fee: $500

Upon receiving the acceptance notification, please proceed with the payment within seven days. Once your payment is processed, we commit to sending you the comprehensive critique documents within the next seven days.

Contents of Your Portfolio Review Documents

  • In-depth analysis of your ideas and their execution in your work.
  • Thorough examination of your work's composition.
  • Identification of your current strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Tailored short-term and long-term training goals.
  • Recommended study methods for achieving these goals.
  • Detailed mark-ups and descriptions on your work images.
  • Digital versions of revised work images, showcasing the potential improvements after your revisions.


Free Artwork Submission  (at Critique page)

You are welcome to submit one artwork for free on our Critique Page. We accept submissions that we believe can be substantially improved at their current stage.

Notification of Acceptance

You will receive an acceptance email within three business days of your submission, which will include the necessary payment information.

Fee: $50

After receiving your acceptance notification, kindly make the payment within seven days. Following the processing of your payment, we will send you the detailed critique documents within the next seven days.

Contents of Your Critique Documents

  • Precise mark-ups and descriptions, guide you on what and how to improve.
  • Digital version of a revised work image, illustrating the expected enhancements after applying our suggestions.

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  • Portfolio Review

  • Artwork Critique

    Select # of tickets same as # of works you've requested critique.




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