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Zin Lim's 

Expressive Portrait Drawing Workshop

Lecture Notes

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Learn expressive portrait in charcoal from the instructor, Zin Lim's workshop lecture notes include all the lecture contents, references, multiple demos and assignments!




  • Portrait: Beginner to Advanced

  • ​Charcoal: Inexperienced to Intermediate

By 3 months-subscription of 'LINE' you will be able to -

  • Draw exciting 'GESTURE DRAWING' of head.

  • Change your drawing approach to 'EXPRESSIVE' style.

  • Have strong foundation for the next stage: TONE.


'How to express', not ​'how much refine'

Representational art, including realism, mainly aims to resemble the original, whereas expressionism aims to convey the thoughts and emotions of the artist in artwork, so a unique visual language of the artist is required.

Artist, Zin Lim expresses various emotions of drawing people through high-fidelity head drawing using the rough characteristics of charcoal.


Expressive Portrait Workshops

It is easy to find good lectures where you can learn realistic portraits that are precisely drawn with a pencil, but it is difficult to find institutions and contents that systematically teach impressionist or expressionist portraits that are roughly drawn with charcoal.


Zin Lim's 'Expressive Portrait Workshop', which began in 2017 at the invitation of artists and schools from various cities around the world, wants to learn the unique charcoal drawing and oil painting techniques of Zin Lim. It is held in over 60 cities in 25 countries.


Workshops scheduled for the second half of 2020 include Cupertino, CA, Scottsdale, AZ and Florence, Italy.

Workshop list

Who's attending

Beginner to Professional 

It is a workshop for hobbyists, majors, and artists who have experience in drawing portraits with pencils or pens, but have no experience with charcoal.


Participants of workshops are very diverse from art students to art teachers and engineers. They have enjoyed learning and drawing at workshops. 

Unlike a method of drawing precisely with a pencil, it is a workshop of directions on how to express yourself as a picture. Therefore, it is recommended more for those who want to make a change to a painterly style such as impressionism or expressionism.

Workshop Notes

Learn easily with visual lecture notes!

Expressive Portrait Workshop's all lectures, references, and demos are included. In addition, some of the contents that cannot be dealt with in-depth at the workshops due to time constraints are added, which are art theories, assignments, and member-only videos.

Starting with the lecture notes on the first chapter of the charcoal drawing, LINE, it is serialized by theme such as value, edge, space, etc. Since the order of notes is the same with steps and steps drawing progress, you can just follow along to learn.


with instructor, Zin Lim

Q: Why is it a 'web note' format rather than a 'video' or book print?

A: Cause I want to keep my lecture note up to date, whenever I update my idea about art, my artwork style, and contents of other related courses. Web notes can include videos and written content as well. 



The 1st Chapter is LINE!

All drawings are made with lines. Particularly, in this workshop, the proportion of line is very large, because in the expressive drawing, line conveys intentions and expresses feelings.

So, the 1st theme of serialized note that will be serialized in sequence is LINE.

Improve your skills effectively by following the systematic and entertaining training methods of the instructor (Zin Lim, who has taught portraits for 12 years at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA), it is easy to learn the his brilliant techniques of charcoal, the most intuitive drawing material of mankind.

Serialized from May 2020

Portrait Drawing Workshop Notes




1. Preparation: Material, mindset, warming-up.

2. How to make various lines with a charcoal?

3. Arranging hatching lines.

4. Various types of Base Lines.

5. Contour drawing.

6. Gesture drawing.

7. How to draw characteristic gesture drawing?


1. All lectures of onsite drawing workshops.

2. References of presentation and examples.

3. Multiple demo videos. (Member-Only)

4. Homework assignments post on forum.

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Portrait Drawing Workshop Notes





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