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Zin Lim's 

Expressive Portrait Drawing Workshop

Lecture Notes

  • For beginners to advanced.

  • Serialized by chapter

  • Continued Updates

Learn expressive portrait in charcoal from the instructor, Zin Lim's workshop lecture notes include all the lecture contents, references, multiple demos and assignments!



Subscribe 'LINE' note. Then, you will be able to -

  • Draw exciting 'GESTURE DRAWING' of head.

  • Change your drawing approach to 'EXPRESSIVE' style.

  • Have strong foundation for the next stage: TONE.



Subscribe 'TONE' note. Then, you will be able to -

  • draw a 3-dimensional head.

  • create incredible abstract textures.

  • have a strong foundation for the next stage: EDGE.

(Will be Released Soon)


Embrace Expression, Not Just Precision

While representational art, such as realism, focuses on capturing the faithful likeness of the subject, expressionism takes a different path. It's about channeling the artist's inner thoughts and emotions into the artwork, giving rise to a distinctive visual language unique to each creator. In our workshop, we'll guide you on the journey of 'How to Express,' emphasizing the power of emotion and individuality in your artistic endeavors, rather than simply refining technical skills. 🎨✨🗣️


Discover the Nuances of Impressionist and Expressionist Arts!


While there are ample resources to master the fine pencil details of realistic portraits, avenues to delve into the free-flowing strokes of impressionist or expressionist portraits using charcoal remain scarce.

Enter Zin Lim's 'Expressive Portrait Workshop'. Launched in 2017, this workshop was initiated upon the requests of artists and educational institutions from diverse global cities. Dive deep into Zin Lim's signature techniques in charcoal drawing and oil painting. Proudly hosted in over 60 cities across 25 countries, this workshop has become a global sensation.

Regular venues for the workshop span Tuscany, Scottsdale, London, Seoul, Dubai, San Francisco, and even online platforms. Join us and harness the power of expressive portraiture! 🎨✍️🌍

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Who Should Join Our Workshop?

Experience Level: Beginner to Professional

This workshop is tailored for enthusiasts, art students, professionals, and anyone who has dabbled in portrait drawing using pencils or pens but hasn't ventured into the realm of charcoal.

Our attendees are a vibrant mix, ranging from art students, educators to engineers. All of whom have found joy and enrichment in our sessions.

Instead of the traditional precision-focused pencil approach, our workshop emphasizes the art of self-expression through imagery. It's especially suited for those eager to transition into more painterly styles like impressionism or expressionism. If you're ready to discover a fresh artistic perspective, this is the place for you! 🎨✍️🌟

Workshop Notes

Learn easily with visual lecture notes!

Unlock the Complete Expressive Portrait Workshop Experience!


Dive into a comprehensive collection of lectures, references, and demonstrations from our Expressive Portrait Workshop. We've added exclusive content like in-depth art theories, assignments, and members-only videos, which often can't be covered during our live workshops due to time limits.

Kickstart your journey with the first chapter on charcoal drawing, focusing on the theme of 'LINE'. Subsequent notes explore themes like value, edge, space, and more. Organized in a progressive step-by-step manner, you can effortlessly follow and learn at your own pace. ✏️🎨🖼️


with instructor, Zin Lim

Q: Why choose a 'web note' format over a traditional 'video' or a book?

A: We're dedicated to ensuring our content remains fresh and relevant. We can seamlessly update our insights, artistic approach, and related course materials with the' web note' format. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of both videos and written content combined! 📖✨🎥



The 1st Chapter is LINE

All drawings are made with lines. Particularly, in this workshop, the proportion of line is very large, because in the expressive drawing, line conveys intentions and expresses feelings.

So, the 1st theme of serialized note that will be serialized in sequence is LINE.

Improve your skills effectively by following the systematic and entertaining training methods of the instructor (Zin Lim, who has taught portraits for 12 years at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA), it is easy to learn the his brilliant techniques of charcoal, the most intuitive drawing material of mankind.

Portrait Drawing Workshop Notes




1. Preparation: Material, mindset, warming-up.

2. How to make various lines with a charcoal?

3. Arranging hatching lines.

4. Various types of Base Lines.

5. Contour drawing.

6. Gesture drawing.

7. How to draw characteristic gesture drawing?


1. All lectures of onsite drawing workshops.

2. References of presentation and examples.

3. Multiple (Subscriber-Only) demo videos.

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Portrait Drawing Workshop Notes





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