"We humans are peculiar beings.
At our core, we all aspire to be and find beauty in genuine authenticity. We desire to be authentic not merely for our own sakes, but also for each and every person.
We are bothered by fake displays of our personhood and our lives. However, we can be troubled by displays of the human experience that aren't 'happy' or 'perfect'. Or, we get angry at others for having disparaging opinions or ideas to our own. There are a multitude of reasons why this may be the case. No one theory will be the generalizable to the entire population.

Rather, I think it is important to take a sceptical  approach. Question yourself, why do I feel this way towards X (situation/event/idea etc)? We often just stop at the level of emotion, block it out or let it fuel your responses. But question yourself - why do I feel this way? What are the thoughts that come along with that emotional response? Often the resulting behavioural response is avoidance.

Avoidance was an evolutionary behavioural trait that developed to protect ourselves from harm. However, it can also function as a double-edged sword - disallowing us to expose ourselves to uncomfortable emotions, thoughts and situations. We may avoid because it makes us feel bad, angry, or uncomfortable.

These feelings can be related to deeper complex cognitive biases and patterns that emerged in response to situations/events that had a significant impact on your sense of self and/or your understandings of life and the world around you. Facing them head on can be excruciatingly difficult and painful, but facing them head on is the first step towards gaining a better understanding of yourself and of others lives and their circumstances.

We shouldn't hide away from sharing ourselves for all that we are, including our experiences. Now, this need not mean it is required of us to go into detail, because all of the conglomerate of our circumstances are different. However, how we respond to them aren't necessarily as different as we may think."

- Josseline Nayade Jeria -

NOMAD series

Nomad series is an answer to the question, 'who' of ID series. It is visualize comprehensive human being as a traveler who practice unexpected life journeys in land.

#hybrid #crossover #semi-abstract #figure #oil #painting #momadic #soul

Fine art oil painting original for sale
Fine art oil painting original for sale
Fine art oil painting original for sale
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