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👩‍🎨 [Member only] Expressive Charcoal Drawing by Zin Lim.

This is a reproduction process of an old pig drawing.


- Willow charcoal.

- Charcoal pencil HB.

- on Gessoed canvas.

* Full list of Zin Lim's material is at


- Resolution: 4k

- Speed: 1X


- Music: n/a

- Artwork by Zin Lim.

- Editing by Zin Studio.

[Upcoming Classes & Workshops]

- Find Zin Lim's drawing and painting online and onsite courses at

[Lecture Notes]

- Learn from lecture notes Zin Lim use at his workshops!

- Expressive Portrait Workshop's all lectures, references and demos are included.

- Know more about the note at

[Original Artwork]

- Collect Zin Lim's original artworks shown on videos or his signature series.

- Visit our gallery at or email inquiry to info@zinlim.come

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