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👩‍🎨 [Member only] Oil Painting Demo: Ala Prima Portrait by Zin Lim.


  • This demonstration video is only for the class students, paid members, and patrons in the qualified tier. Please DO NOT share the link!

  • To watch this or all other full-length (no-cut) video demos, contact Zin Studio at or subscribe to the membership at


  • Oil paint: Alizarin crimson, Titanium white & Burnt umber.

  • Medium: Linseed Oil + Mineral spirit.

  • Brushes: Various sizes of synthetic flats.

  • Support: Gesso-coated cotton canvas.

  • A full list of Zin Lim's oil painting material is at


  • Resolution: 1080p - Speed: 1X

  • Duration: 01:34:33


  • Artwork by Zin Lim.

  • Editing by Zin Studio.

[Workshops & Classes]

  • Join Zin Lim's on-site workshop across the globe. Online workshops are available, too.

[Lecture Notes]

  • Learn 'expressive portrait drawing' from Zin Lim's workshop lecture note. (Lectures, references, and demos are included in the webtoon design of contents.) Know more at

[Original Artwork]

  • Collect Zin Lim's original artworks shown on videos or his signature series. Visit our gallery at or email inquiry to info@zinlim.come

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