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Title: Allegro No. 227

Medium: Charcoal on paper

Size: 50(h) x 40(w) cm

Year of Creation: 2024

Artist: Zin Lim

The Allegro series is a tribute to the vibrant fleeting moments that give life its rhythm. I strive to capture the pulsating aliveness of existence with a single piece of charcoal. This series is my love letter to beautiful moments, a celebration of the different kinds of episodes and twists and turns that make our time in this world so precious.

The subtitle, Spiccato, is the name of one of the principal strokes of the violin and refers to the way I use charcoal and my tools on paper, like the bow of a violin. Each stroke and line creates an interplay of rhythm, melody, and movement, infusing my paintings with the same energy and passion as the music that animates our souls.

The human body serves as my muse in this series, as it is the most familiar and universally recognized object in our shared experience. By abstracting this most familiar subject, I hope to invite the viewer to see it in a new light and explore every contour and nuance with their own observations and imagination.

For me, creating art is a deeply moving and transformative experience. As an expressionist painter, each stroke and mark in my paintings contains my thoughts and feelings at that moment, and the process of painting is a journey of many serendipitous discoveries and realizations. Through my artwork, I hope to invite others to join me on this journey and inspire them to explore the world around them and embrace the fleeting beauty of life.

Allegro No. 227

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