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Sun, Apr 17



[OL] Expressive Figure Drawing (Module 1&2)

Complete the full course of Expressive Figure drawing with Zin Lim.

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Time & Location

Apr 17, 2022, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM GMT+9


About The Event

[Course Description]

Artist Zin Lim will share everything he knows about his signature direction in Expressive Figure Drawing. 

This Course is consist of 11 modules of lecture/demonstraitons + 3 drawing workshops (Figure Drawing Club) + 6 times of Visual Critiques.


Module 1: Introduction to charcoal drawing material and the techniques.

Module 2: Basic forms.


Module 3: Basic proportion for human figure.

Module 4: Various ways of gesture drawing.


Figure Drawing Club.


Module 5: Shadow shapes.

Module 6: Shadow edges.


Module 7: Value concept.

Module 8: 3-D forms and planes.


Module 9: Head drawing.


Figure Drawing Club.


Module 10: Focal point.

Module 11: Aerial perspective.


Figure Drawing Club.

[Workshop Date & Hours] 

This is an online workshop. So, the event date and time are different by your time zone.

Please find exact date & time from the time zone your location belong to.

Seoul, Tokyo & cities in same Time Zone.

Sun, Dec 19, 9:00am - 11:30am (KST)

SF, LA, Seattle, Vancouver, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sat, Dec 18, 4:00pm - 6:30pm (PST)

Denver, Phoenix, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sat, Dec 18, 5:00pm - 7:30pm (MST)

Chicago, Houston, Austin, CDMX, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sat, Dec 18, 6:00pm - 8:30pm (CST)

NY, Boston, Toronto, Atlanta, Miami, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sat, Dec 18, 7:00pm - 9:30pm (EST)

Santiago, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sat, Dec 18, 9:00pm - 11:30pm (GMT--3)

Sao Paulo, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sat, Dec 18, 9:00pm - 11:30pm (GMT--3)

Singapore, KL, Taipei, HK, Perth, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sun, Dec 19, 8:00am - 10:30am (GMT+8)

Sydney, Melbourne, & cities in same Time Zone.

Sun, Dec 19, 11:00am - 1:30pm (AEDT)

+ Mark the date & hour on your calendar and check your email box before class date.

+ If your city is not listed above and do not know which time zone your location's belong to, use Time Zone Converter to find exact workshop dates/times.

[Classroom]: Zoom link

  • A 'Reminder Email' with the meeting room link will be sent 1-3 days prior to the class day.
  • Mark the date & hour on your calendar and check your email box before class date.

[Connection Devices you will need]

  • Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet : to watch instructor's lecture and demo.
  • (Optional) Cell phone camera : Some of you will want to show your in-progress work while you are watching instructor's demo. Then connect with the 2 devices.

[Art Materials you will need]

  • Drawing pad: One from below.

- Strathmore Drawing Pad, 300 series, medium surface. 14"x17" or any size.

- (Recycled) Strathmore drawing pad, 400 series, medium surface. 14”x17" or any size.

- Strathmore drawing pad, 400 series, medium surface. 14”x17" or any size.

* Can't find above in your area? Charcoal drawing pads (any brand) or any local brands of drawing pads (medium surface) are fine.

* No 'New Sprint', 'Bristol' or anything has 'smooth' surface, They don't work well with charcoal.

Optional materials

* Can't find the listed material in your town? No problem. Just bring anything you have. 

* Material is also available on the Q&A page.

[Reference Picture to work from]

  • REFERENCE PAGE: Reference image will be post at the page by 3 days before workshop.
  • Use the copy-righted image only for your personal study at workshop and the homework.
  • Do not show the image at any public web page or your SNS.
  • Okay for Posting your work created from the image.

[About the Workshop]

  • For any experienced-level of artists who have been drawing human figure in any medium.
  • The workshop runs in English.
  • 15 Limited Zoom spots.
  • You will create one or multiple sketches along with instructor and other international students.
  • Instructor will provide; Lecture / Demo / Feedback.

Workshop Activities.

  1. Connect Zoom with your device, and watch lecture and demo.
  2. Instructor will tell about design strategies.
  3. Instructor will show demo while explaining the work progress.
  4. Students will work at the same time to figure out what works and what doesn't.
  5. Instructor will answer students' questions (during demo and after demo).
  6. Picture time together. We will email the photo to you.

Artists will be able to learn-.

  1. How to set up charcoal drawing material.
  2. Charcoal stick application techniques.
  3. Efficient step-by-step work order of drawing a portrait.
  4. How to continue to enjoy portrait sketches and improve skills after this workshop.

Advanced/Intermediate artists in other media will be able to-

  1. Broaden your perspective in a loose approach.
  2. Style-shift from tight to loose and painterly.
  3. Know keys for the unique stylization of artwork.
  4. Know how to manage the work process from 'good' start to completion of an artwork.

If you have further questions about the workshop, please don’t hesitate to email us at


  • 65USD + VAT(10%) (Limited time only, regular price: $100usd)

[Payment Method]

  • PayPal
  • Credit card

[Ticket Policy]

  • 100% refund in the case of your cancellation by 3 days before the event date.
  • 100% refund in the case of Zin Studio's decision to event cancellation.
  • You can gift tickets to your friends. Just send your e-ticket to your friend and let us know the friend's name for our guest list.

[Copyright Policy]

  • The workshop is exclusive for attending students. So, recording and snapshots during workshop activities by students are not permitted.

[Student Guidelines for being in an online course]

These guidelines are to ensure that every student in this workshop has a great experience. Please read through these and try to abide by them throughout this course. If you have any questions about any of the guidelines or if you think of any guidelines that should also be included, please contact

  1. Know if you need to keep the microphone muted when you are not speaking. (Depends on instructor)
  2. There should be limited outside distractions during our Zoom workshop sessions (i.e., there should not be other people around you, or anything too distracting on the walls – inappropriate posters, advertisements, religious/political slogans, etc. - while in class).
  3. All background noise should be kept to a minimum during a Zoom session (i.e., TV sound, radios, dogs barking, etc.). Try to be in a quiet environment.
  4. No screenshots or pictures are to be taken during a Zoom class session.
  5. Be mindful of what you write and share. Messages written in the Chat window during a session are saved automatically.
  6. Stay off your phones, other devices, and social media to respect your instructor and other artists while in the workshop.
  7. Know how to ask questions during lectures and demonstrations.  (Using the 'raise hand' function in the chatting room or just speak? Depends on the instructor)
  8. Dress comfortably as you are at art an art studio shared with other artists.
  9. Be respectful of your fellow artists, when in break-out rooms for partner or group activities.
  10. If necessary, your instructor may ask you to leave the class until all distractions in your environment have been addressed.
  11. Disrupting a class is a violation.
  12. Do NOT share the Zoom workshop link with anyone who did not register for your workshop.

[Technical Preparation]

  1. Procure a quality webcam and a microphone headset.
  2. Test how to play with the Zoom application a few days before the workshop. And you can move between Zoom windows smoothly and use cool Zoom functions more at workshop time.

[Logistical Reminders]

Before the Zoom session:

  • Join the Zoom session before the start time and test your microphone and camera.
  • Your instructor will share the Zoom session link with you.
  • Plan to be in a quiet room without potential interference and interruptions. Silence your phone.
  • Find a sitting area with a plain, non-distracting background.
  • Position the webcam so that your face is bright. Avoid back-lighting, such as sitting with your back to a window with bright light.
  • Practice speaking to the camera and not to the screen. (though we know it's not easy)

During the Zoom session:

  • Mute your microphone when you have to make noise (opening/closing door, other family's talk, emergency call etc)
  • Don't forget to turn your camera or webcam on.
  • Use chat to communicate technical issues to the instructor and ask questions.
  • Watch your actions on Zoom. Everyone can see that big, wide-mouth yawn!

After the Zoom session:

  • Public and private messages written in the Chat window during a session are saved automatically.
  • Participation reports are generated indicating who has joined the session and when are documented.

We hope you enjoy our workshop!!!


  • Figure Sketch 3

    Workshop date and hours are varied. Find the exact date/hour on the workshop description.

    Tax: +$6.50 VAT
    Sale ended



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