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Zin Lim

Portrait in Oil and Charcoal

Complete your best portrait for your beloved person and yourself

with a portrait master.

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$120/month for

'Portrait Mentorship'

What you will get during the mentorship


  • Completion of focused 1 or multiple portraits under individual guidance.

  • Individual portfolio review of your current portrait works.

  • Analysis of your personal choice of reference images.

  • Optimized and individual strategies in design and techniques.

  • Critiques in pre-production, in-progress, and completion stages.

  • Live workshop via Zoom classroom.

  • Individual assignment to upgrade a specific principle or technique.

  • Honest and clear goals for you to achieve right away.

About Instructor

Zin Lim
  • Born in Seoul, South Korea.

  • BFA study: Environmental design at Hong Ik University in Seoul.

  • MFA study: Fine Art at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA.

  • College teaching: 12 years at Graduate School of Fine Art & Illustration, Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA.

  • Workshop teaching: 100+ workshops in 50+ cities across the globe.

  • Exhibitions: 5 solos, 60+ group shows represented at 12 galleries in the USA.

  • Awards: 6 Best of shows at US national and international competitions.


More about instructor


Our mission is to share an 'expressive' method with more artists. So, we travel with oil and charcoal across the globe.


"Playing with 'expressive' painting and drawing is as hard as classic pianist play jazz music. 'Expressive' is not just doing it fast, loose, or less finishing but is actually using the other part of the brain and different rhythms of your body through the entire process. Expressive is a fun way of study and method of creating unique artwork" - Zin Lim

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