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Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 45 x 35.5 cm (18 x 14 inch)

Year of Creation: 2024

Artist: Zin Lim


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About ID Series

Whenever Zin Lim paints a portrait, he constantly strives to represent the person more fully: he aims to convey the essence of the person in three dimensions, to combine his honest impressions of what he observes and feels in the correct proportions, and to make the act of painting on canvas, which records the presence of the person and the moment of their encounter, more meaningful as another new encounter.When painting a portrait, Zin Lim has a strong desire to capture the person's appearance, his impression of them, and the spontaneous events of the encounter without missing any of them. He believes that the truthfulness of a portrait is stronger when all three elements are properly included.Recognizing that the essence of a person is relative and constantly changing depending on the time, place, situation, and the person you meet, Zin Lim believes that these three elements must be balanced in the right proportions at every moment during the painting process to get closer to their true essence. With this mindset, he strives to capture a true moment on canvas that harmoniously blends the depth and impression of a person when completing his work.

ID 90

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